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Our Mission

We want to enable a market made of infinite niches,  products and services in the transportation industry. We will do this thanks to community based, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable manufacturing, marketing and distribution processes.

Our Vision

The market we envision is economically unviable for large automotive companies. They can’t produce variations for hundreds of different niches with their rigid and vertical design to manufacturing processes.

As a result, innovators face large costs in acquiring standard vehicles, modifying them, and delivering them integrated with their services.

We will enable this multi niche transportation industry by building and adopting a set of basic, open, customizable and modular hardware platforms for vehicles that can be built and marketed through a distributed production network.

We create a global community of brands, manufacturers and innovators that will produce custom designs and integrated services.

Why this is Important

Through a fair and economically viable product development chains, we create value for a worldwide network of independent producers, effectively optimizing designs for local needs and necessities.

This not only creates jobs in the target countries, but generates a networked business model that is able to connect existing product and competence supply to creative demands from entrepreneurs and local players

We dream big and Experiment openly

Our open source hardware reference designs are released for free under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 license and can be downloaded from this website. Anyone can develop and customize the project: the community can experiments new technical solutions and new paths to fabrication that are even more sustainable and can reduce logistics. 3D printing and digital manufacturing are amongst the manufacturing techniques we adopt and make our platform fully compatible with.

We are Enablers

Our platform’s versatility is a great opportunity for emerging markets: importers and resellers can become manufacturers and brands or assembly partners, contributing to the economical and technological development of their countries.

Indeed, while with the Do It Yourself process you can download the 3D files, buy the kits, and work on them autonomously, with the Do It Together approach customers can build a relationship with the Open Motors team – with a long experience in designing and building commercial vehicles – to receive support in every step, from prototyping to production.

We promote Equitable Value Creation

The Open Motors platform will give every player in the value chain the possibility to participate to value creation and profiteering. From manufacturing to servicing and recycling, from design to software development and Internet of Things: each player will be part of a new way of creating mobility solutions that work for all, each player will be part of the Open Motors ecosystem.


Join us in writing a radically new page in the history of transportation.