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At Open Motors, our extensive network of world-class partners and suppliers enables us to support your New Mobility journey every step of the way. Specializing in automotive, energy, and robotics, our experienced team collaborates with renowned companies across various industries. These partnerships allow us to offer a comprehensive range of services, ensuring your innovative ideas are transformed into reality.
By working with the same partners and suppliers trusted by the world’s top 10 automotive companies, we ensure the highest quality standards and cutting-edge technology throughout your project. From design and engineering to manufacturing and supply chain management, our collaborative approach provides the expertise and support necessary to bring your vision to life.
Choose Open Motors as your partner in innovation, and together we’ll shape the future of mobility and energy with our unparalleled network of industry leaders.






Open Motors delivers an extensive range of automotive services, specializing in cutting-edge power train systems for e-mobility applications and customized EV battery packs. Our expertise covers vehicle structures, from steel and aluminum space frames to lightweight CFRP designs. We create modular EV platforms for various vehicle classes, accommodating autonomous driving capabilities. With a focus on tailor-made solutions, we design complete vehicles—with or without electric drivetrains—and engineer suspension systems for prototypes and small-batch series. Partner with Open Motors to transform your automotive vision into reality.


Electric Power Train

System development for e-mobility power train

EV Battery packs

Swappable or Fixed battery packs

High, and low voltage systems

Vehicle structures

steel or aluminum space frame, aluminum or Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) monocoque, hybrid CFRP.

Modular EV platforms

5 to 8 seaters (customized)

2 to 4-seaters (TABBY EVO)

With or without Drive by Wire system for Autonomous Driving

Vehicle architecture

for passengers vehicles in M1, L7e, L6e, LSV/NEV categories, as well as commercial vehicles in N1, N2

(M and L category) 

E/E-Architecture and wiring looms

Customization of E/E-Architecture and bus systems


Suspension systems , and production for prototypes and small-batch series

Engineering and design

of complete vehicles with/without electric drivetrains


Open Motors partners with world-class companies to bring you cutting-edge AI and robotics solutions for the automotive industry. Our expertise in hardware and software development ensures seamless integration of advanced technologies into electric vehicles. We create tailor-made systems that adhere to stringent automotive standards and collaborate with industry leaders to integrate specialized AI and robotics solutions. With a focus on autonomous driving and digital twin simulations, Open Motors enables unparalleled advancements in mobility and automation, driving innovation for the future.


Automotive grade Hardware for Electric Vehicles and Robots


Automotive Grade Software for Electric Vehicles and Robots

Autonomous Driving

AI system development (hardware and software) for self-driving vehicles


Digital twins of vehicles and landscapes to train your AI

Comprehensive EV Production and Supply Chain Solution

At Open Motors, we understand the challenges startups and new EV entrepreneurs face, particularly in navigating complex supply chains. That’s why we’ve cultivated a robust global network of manufacturing partners, offering advanced EV production capabilities and comprehensive supply chain support.

Our partners’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities boast a current production capacity of 100,000 EVs per year, with the potential to scale up to 300,000 EVs. These facilities feature four major production lines, covering stamping, welding, painting, and assembly.

What sets us apart is our commitment to easing supply chain complexities for our clients. By providing a seamless path from concept to production, Open Motors ensures that your innovative ideas are transformed into high-quality EVs without getting bogged down in logistics. Additionally, we offer flexible shipping options, including the delivery of Complete Knock Down (CKD) vehicles for final assembly in your country, optimizing logistics and supporting local requirements.
Partner with Open Motors to access the best in EV manufacturing and supply chain expertise, allowing you to focus on what matters most – driving innovation and creating the future of mobility.


At Open Motors, we’re dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions for the EV industry through strategic partnerships and innovative technologies. Our energy division focuses on optimizing the way EVs are powered, ensuring efficient, reliable, and environmentally-conscious solutions.
In collaboration with Open Energy HyperSwap, we provide automated EV battery swap stations and system integration, streamlining energy replenishment for EVs. This groundbreaking technology reduces charging times and facilitates a more sustainable transportation ecosystem.
We also develop solutions for energy storage that contribute to grid stabilization, promoting the wider adoption of renewable energy sources. By optimizing energy management, we ensure that EVs play a pivotal role in balancing energy supply and demand.
To accommodate a diverse range of EV models and platforms, we offer battery swap adaptation services, making energy replenishment more accessible and user-friendly. Our commitment to collaboration extends to partnering with external companies to deliver advanced Battery Management Systems (BMS), further enhancing EV performance and efficiency.
Through Open Motors Energy, we’re shaping a sustainable future for electric mobility, harnessing the power of collaboration and innovation to redefine the way EVs are powered.

EV Battery Swap

station & system automation

Energy Storage for the grid

solutions to stabilize the grid

Battery Swap adaptation

for different EVs and platforms


BMS (Battery Management System)

in partnership with external companies