Open Motors is a Y Combinator-backed company, headquartered in Silicon Valley with operations in Asia. We specialize in the development of advanced EV platforms, including the innovative TABBY EVO for research and development, and EDIT, an EV designed for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) providers and logistics companies. Our focus on modularity, cost-efficiency, and sustainability enables us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower entrepreneurs and businesses to design, prototype, and build electric vehicles. With a team that boasts extensive experience working with the world’s top 10 automotive companies, Open Motors is dedicated to driving the transition to a cleaner, smarter future in transportation.


Open Motors’ mission is to pioneer cutting-edge electric vehicle solutions that empower businesses and entrepreneurs in shaping a sustainable, efficient, and innovative future for transportation.


Our founders and team bring a wealth of experience from the heart of Italy’s automotive industry, Turin. Having collaborated with top engineering and design companies, our team has engineered and brought millions of vehicles to production for the world’s top 10 automotive giants. This extensive experience and network enable us to provide our clients with unparalleled expertise and resources, assisting new companies in entering the EV market with confidence. At Open Motors, we pride ourselves on delivering advanced solutions that empower our customers to drive the future of electric mobility.