TABBY EVO: Your Fast Track to Electric Vehicle Success.
Engineered by Open Motors, this groundbreaking open-source platform slashes R&D time by three years and reduces costs by €2 million.
With road-legal certified components, simplified assembly, and budget-friendly prices, TABBY EVO is the ultimate choice for electric vehicle innovation.
Start your journey with TABBY EVO today and accelerate your path to success in the EV industry.

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Open Motors allows new players in the EV industry by helping them to save millions & years in R&D. Just like in software, where new companies use AWS rather than setup their own servers, Open Motors provides a platform to build a custom EV quickly. Qasar Younis - Founder & CEO of Applied Intuition (AI startup), and Former COO of Y Combinator.

🌟 Unlock the Future of Electric Vehicle Innovation with TABBY EVO! 🌟
At Open Motors, we believe in empowering new players in the EV industry by revolutionizing the way vehicles are built. Just as companies use AWS to streamline their software development process, we provide a platform that saves you millions and years in R&D. As endorsed by Qasar Younis, Open Motors enables you to build custom EVs quickly and efficiently.

🚗 TABBY EVO: Your Gateway to Electric Vehicle Excellence 🚗
TABBY EVO isn't just a hardware platform—it's a game-changer for the entire electric vehicle industry. Completely modular, ready-to-use, and open-source, it's our second-generation EV platform, boasting enhanced durability, performance, and versatility. With TABBY EVO, you have the power to create anything from city cars to military vehicles, all while saving millions of euros and years of R&D.

📐 Unlimited Possibilities, Unmatched Quality 📐
Your imagination is the only limit with TABBY EVO. Download the plans and blueprints from our website and unleash your creativity. Our platform includes all the mechanical and electrical components needed to bring your vision to life, from chassis to powertrain. And with simplified packaging and assembly that takes less than an hour, getting started has never been easier.

🛡️ Safety First, Innovation Always 🛡️
Safety is our priority at Open Motors. While our platform components and structural design are road-legal certified in the EU, US, and Asia, achieving final road-legal approval for your custom vehicle is a breeze with our expertise. From lights to airbags, we'll guide you through the process every step of the way.

💰 Affordable Excellence, Delivered to Your Door 💰
Why is TABBY EVO so affordable? Because we leverage the collective demand of multiple orders to optimize logistics and component costs, passing the savings on to you. While others spend over €100000 on R&D, our pricing is considered fair and affordable by over 65% of webinar attendees. Plus, with delivery in just 10 weeks ex-works from Italy, you'll be on the road to success in no time.

📋 Ready to Get Started? Download Your Quotation Now! 📋
Download your quotation in PDF format and take the first step towards building the electric vehicle of your dreams with TABBY EVO. The future of mobility is in your hands—seize it today!

Additional information

Weight 570 kg
Dimensions 324 × 165 × 150 cm

2 seats, 4 seats

Battery pack

24 elements LIFePO4, 185Ah, 82V (12,8 kWh), no battery pack

Battery life

5,000 charges at 80% Depth of Discharge


not assembled, fully assembled

Max speed

It depends on the bodywork
100 Km/h (62 mph) platform only
129 Km/h (80 mph) but depends on the bodywork and low Cx coefficient


It depends on the bodywork
80 Km (50 mi) platform only
120 Km (75 mi) but depends on the bodywork and low Cx coefficient


Stable at 25%

Approach and departure angles

Approach angle: 35 degrees
Departure angle: N/A (wheels are behind the chassis)


Technology: welded and screwed tubes
Material: steel S235JR – Painted frame
Assembled chassis weight: 105 kg (2 seats) – 130 kg (4 seats)

Steering system

Rack and pinion
Turn radius: 4m (2-seat) and 5m (4-seat)
Power steering: optional (surcharge)

Braking system

Front and rear disc brakes
Regenerative braking configured at 10% to prevent abrupt slowdowns
ABS system: optional (surcharge)

Suspension systems

Front and rear McPherson


Rims: steel
Tires: 175/55R15 Pirelli P1 “green” tires (low rolling friction)

Safety Equipment

Emergency switch
Roll-bar not included (due to impact on final vehicle design)
Other mandatory safety systems depends on the final design of customer

Electric motor

AC asynchronous high performance electric motor
Rated voltage: 80Vac
Rated power: 19kW
Rated current: 235A
Max current: 400A (electronically limited)
Max power: 29,5kW @ 2500 rpm
Max torque: 128Nm @ 500 rpm
Max efficiency: 91,97% @ 5000 rpm
Max power factor: 0,97

DC/DC converter

80/12 100W

Motor controller

Vector control

Reduction gearbox ratio


Drive shaft

Front wheel drive

Battery charger

Input: 220V 10A – Output: 80V 25A
Charge time: up to 7 hours at input voltage and current

Battery Management System

Max voltage: 93V
Phase 1: required current 100%
Phase 2: required current 50%
Balance cells phase: required current 14%
Passive control

Categories supported

HEAVY QUADRICYCLES (EU L7e category, middle speed)
LIGHT QUADRICYCLES (EU L6e category, US LSV NEV low speed)