Social impact

Open Motors brings a huge social innovation because:

it’s simple

Simplicity is the key for social sustainability: we made a very complex product like a vehicle super simple.

So it’s way easier to create local jobs and give new work and vitality to existing small and medium businesses and skilled workers that may have lost competitiveness or have been left behind for the crisis.

it’s still safe

the hardest task of our engineers was to simplify the vehicle, make it modular and keep safety as the prior objective. Even if it’s simpler and modular our platform is designed and engineered to be road legal Worldwide (Asia, USA, Europe, etc..) .

it’s just 1 hour assembly

Super expensive assembly line for traditional vehicles

Simple affordable assembly for modular vehicles

it can be shipped in crates

By being modular we hacked the import taxes system:

  1. we don’t ship complete vehicles
  2. we ship vehicles as components
  3. easy to assembly in 1 hour to have a complete vehicle

Kenya = 75% import taxes of new & used cars
Nepal = 240% import taxes of new & used cars

it’s a new way to manufacture vehicles

Ultra Giga Big Factories? No, that’s so 1980s, we believe in One Room Factory: distributed all over the World, even in emerging countries like Africa.
We empower local people to create local brands, creating local jobs, serving local customers and better reuse existing businesses, skills and facilities.

Yesterday: Huge capital intensive investment to create another Toyota or Fiat Chrysler Automobile with huge factories and hundreds thousands of employees with a closed approach. In emerging countries: obsolete vehicles from 1970-1980s.

Today: Ultra low budgets to create a local brand, one room factory, start with 2 assemblers, open approach. In emerging countries: specific vehicles for specific needs with more efficient and modern technologies.

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