ultra fast & affordable

enterprise-ready (MaaS & Logistic)

engineered for high-mileage fleets

with the lowest infrastructure TCO

open to all vehicle manufacturers

Optimized for TCO fleets

10X more affordable

20X faster than fast-charging

Solving 2 problems: Fleet Mobility & Smart Grid

Keeping fleets running 24/7

While storing extra energy from renewable source,

and stabilizing the electricity grid

Major governments are backing this technology


“We will actively promote the demonstration application of battery-swap mode and improve the system and standardization,as the next step, we will optimize the development environment, guide enterprises to improve battery-swap technology, promote the formation of a more mature business model, and further improve the convenience of new energy vehicle usage.”

Miao Wei

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), China


“A high-level panel has been set up to determine this”

“Standardization of form factor would allow interoperability, thus catalyzing the uptake of EVs.”

Amitabh Kant

CEO of NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India, state-owned), India

more are coming…


Big Data & AI: data, charging & availability
Safe: low voltage
Modular: scalable & stackable
Easy to relocate: flexible
Affordable: engineered for cost efficiency

Keynote speech @ MOVE ASIA 2021